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  1. Maileg - Small suitcase, Blossom- Blue
  2. Animal bag / Bear by Djeco
  3. Banana Bag Heroes by Djeco
  4. Banana bag  Poetic birds by Djeco
  5. Banana bag  Rabbits by Djeco
  6. Animal Bag Cheetah by Djeco
  7. Koala Bag by Djeco
  8. Fox Bag by Djeco
  9. Bird Handbag by Djeco
  10. Maileg Jacket, pants and tie in suitcase, Grandpa mouse
  11. Maileg Knitted blouse and skirt in suitcase, Grandma mouse
  12. Maileg Clown Clothes in Suitcase for Little Brother Mouse
  13. Maileg Fairy Clothes in Suitcase, Little Sister Mouse
  14. Maileg Knitted Dress and Bag in Suitcase for Big Sister Mouse
  15. Petite Ecole De Danse - Mouse Backpack By Moulin Roty
  16. Grande Famille - Little Wardrobe Suitcase  By Moulin Roty
  17. Il Etait une Fois - Ballerina Suitcase By Moulin Roty & Elodie Coudray
  18. Moulin Roty Petite Ecole De Danse - Tutu Suitcase