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The freedom a child has to create opens their imagination to a world without limits. Maileg toys are simpler than plastic ones made from a mold. Plastic toys often have all the details of the character included and it leave less room for innovation.

A Maileg friend is a character that looks like there is a story be told and your child will create that story over and over again. This helps develop a sense of endless possibilities that will serve them well as they grow and encounter new challenges.

Maileg provides the animals, the furniture, the accessories, you create the magic.

  1. Maileg Ballerina Mouse - Little sister
  2. Maileg - Small suitcase, Holly
  3. MAILEG Bunny (size 1) Dusty yellow - Dress
  4. Maileg Ballerina Mouse, Big sister
  5. Maileg - Small suitcase, Merle
  6. Maileg Mum Mouse
  7. Maileg Chatons Kitten - Dark Nature
  8. Maileg Chatons Kitten - Black
  9. Maileg Chatons, Kitten - Ginger
  10. Maileg - Small suitcase, Madelaine - Blue
  11. Maileg Tooth box
  12. Maileg Soft bunny, Small - Off white
  13. Maileg Fairy mouse - Mint
  14. Maileg Fairy mouse - Little Rose