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Salt Water Sandals

Walter Hoy first made these in his work shop circa 1944. The Original Salt-Water® Sandal is defined by its hand-stitched, non-slip, molded rubber sole and scuff-resistant, water friendly genuine leather upper. All Salt-Water® Sandals clean up very easily, come with rust-proof brass buckles, and made for in-and-out of water wear. They go from children’s sizes all the way up to adult sizes and are popular among celebrities and fashionistas alike. They are a comfortable, durable combination of timeless style. The tan Salt-Water® Sandal was the first color to be made from scrap World War II boot leather in 1944. These versatile sandals combine comfort, fashion and functionality.
  1. Salt Water Classic Slide Olive- Women
  2. Salt Water Classic Slide Tan- Women
  3. Salt Water Classic Slide Mustard- Women
  4. Salt Water Classic Slide Claret - Women
  5. Salt Water Classic Slide Black - Women
  6. Salt Water Classic Red- Women
  7. Salt Water Classic Tan- Women
  8. Salt Water Original Navy- Women
  9. Salt Water Original Olive- Women
  10. Salt Water Original Claret - Women
  11. Salt Water Original Red - Women
  12. Salt Water Original Rose Gold - Women
  13. Salt Water Original Mustard- Women
  14. Salt Water Original Black- Women
  15. Salt Water Original Tan - Women
  16. Salt Water Classic Black- Women